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November 9, 2011

Remember 2ge+her??

The awesomely bad boy band created by MTV may be getting  back together for a reunion.

The boy band consisted of Alex Solowitz as Mickey Parke, Kevin Farley as Doug Linus, Evan Farmer as Jerry O’Keefe, Michael Cuccione as Jason “Q.T.” McKnight, and Noah Bastian as Chad Linus. 2ge+her debuted in MTV’s first full length film with the same name in 2000. After the success of the movie, MTV gave the band its own show. The show ended in season two after the death of Cuccione.

Solowitz met with Farley today and discussed a possible reunion.

Solowitz later posted on Facebook:

Bastian replied via Facebook:

Anyone else want to see another movie?

I was a big fan back in middle school. Gotta love the 90s 😀

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