E.D. Walker

OK, I know. Who doesn’t love Tom Hiddleston nowadays? He’s tall, he’s gorgeous, he’s BRITISH. Which is pretty much always a trifecta of WIN.

But, I gotta say, as beautiful as he is, what I really love most about him is his talent. (No, that’s not a euphemism. Oy, get your mind out of the gutter. *stern face*)

See, even in the relatively cheese popcorn world of Marvel superhero movies (which I LOVE with reckless abandon, don’t get me wrong) I feel like Hiddleston is still always a scene stealer. As Loki (In Thor and The Avengers) he injects a lot of richness and depth, and I think in another actor’s hands Loki could have just another mustache twirling cardboard cutout of a villain. But Hiddleson makes the character nuanced, interesting and appealing.

Check out this scene below from Thor, and think about the different layers in Hiddleston’s…

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