11 Reasons to Watch “Archer”

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When people are asked to name great animated comedies the likes of South Park and Family Guy are usually at the top of the list. And every time that happens, I shed a tear (I’m an emotional man). Not because I dislike those shows (in fact, quite the opposite), but because Archer never seems to be among the top three named. Despite being created by Adam Reed (Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Sealab 2012), Archer is often overlooked by many.  But we’re going to change that status right here, right now (time zones be damned!). Hear me, Internet, Archer is a show worthy of your time and affection! Don’t believe us? Here’s 11 reasons why you should watch Archer.

Also, don’t forget to watch the comedy’s return tonight, January 19th on FX.

11.) Hilarious Stereotypes

It’s tough to find a modern comedy that doesn’t try to capitalize on stereotypes. Sometimes they’re done well, but most of the time they’re just pathetically unoriginal and fail horribly. With Archer, you won’t groan or find these characters unoriginal. Instead, these stereotypes will have you laughing the whole damn time. From Woodhouse, the passive old valet, to the openly gay Agent Ray, this show is so well crafted that even the most simplistic pokes at stereotypes feel hilariously fresh. Not many comedies can make that same claim.

10.) Chris Parnell

Yes, that’s the dude from “Lazy Sunday.” Now that we got that out of the way, this comedian’s role as Cyril Figgis is just one of Archer’s many highlights. The passive and uncoordinated goof is often hilariously lovable and sometimes downright creepy. Things become especially amusing when Cyril, the polar opposite to Sterling Archer, treats Archer as his personal Yoda in an attempt to figure out how to fix his broken relationship (with Archer’s ex…) and become a super spy.

9.) Agent Lana Kane

To those eyerolling at the image: Fret not, Agent Kane isn’t just a piece of eye candy. She’s strong, smart and often puts Archer in his place. She can be a bit jealous at times, but hey, who isn’t?

To those that already watch Archer: Yuuuuuup!

8.) Super Spy Spoof

What if James Bond was American and completely irresponsible, yet still had access to all of those awesome gadgets and travel perks? That right there is the premise behind the entire cartoon on FX. So if you’re a fan of 007, this is the parody you’ve been searching for and you’ll completely forget about Austin Powers (sorry Mike Meyers).

7.) Amazing!

In a show packed with trademark phrases, one simple and obnoxious word took center stage during part of Season 2: amazing. Rona Thorne is a Russian spy posing as an A-list actress in America. Apparently, something in our culture made her think “amazing” was the positive response of choice for most situations and she yells it in (in a ridiculous fashion) whenever possible.  It’s annoying, but that’s what makes it so damn funny at times.

6.) Danger Zone!

Archer has more trademark phrases than we can count, but Sterling’s love for the song from Top Gun is more than deserving of being a reason on its own.  The epically 80s “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins can thank this animated laugh fest for bringing the hit back into the spotlight on TV. I’d love to post a YouTube video of the song, but the man’s legalities are bringin’ me down. Sploosh!

5.) Streaming On Netflix

If you have Netflix then we have great news for you.  The entire first season of Archer is streaming! Where’s the harm in at least checking out the first episode? And then if you do love it (and odds are you shall!), you have the rest of the season for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

4.) The Cast

Sterling Archer is without question the main appeal of the show, but the roster surrounding him are every bit as funny. We’re treated to a pretty wide variety of completely outrageous characters. A bat-sh*t insane research director and an overweight and overly assertive human resources employee is but a taste of the craziness this cast has to offer.

3.) Archer’s Comebacks

Wait a second, I had something for this… Archer’s comebacks are so idiotic and slow at times that they’re absolutely brilliant and will have you in tears. “I hope the cancer kills you.” Archer: “Oh, yeah? Well, I hope… it doesn’t.” The show is a hit with just the side cast and exceptional writing, but with Archer it truly makes the comedy something special.

2.) Sharp Writing

A comedy is nothing without a solid script, and thankfully, Archer delivers witty dialogue every episode. It’s just not possible to not love it everytime Archer’s mouth moves faster than his brain to provide terrible (yet lmao worthy) comebacks and insults. Not. Possible. Even without the lead role, the side characters all have their own unique situations which almost always unfold in ways that’ll keep you grinning the whole episode.

And yes, that’s chocolate in the picture…

1.) H. Jon Benjamin

You’ve heard that familiar voice since the late 90s and odds are you’ll recognize it immediately when Archer opens his mouth (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Upright Citizens Brigade, Home Movies). There are countless reasons to love the super spy, but he simply wouldn’t be complete without H. Jon Benjamin’s dry voice and flawless delivery. So give your ears something to enjoy and check out the animated comedy.


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