Another 5 WTF Comic Book Covers

[via GeekTyrant]

We got a great response from our readers about our first installment of 5 WTF Comic Covers and it’s only fitting that our Number 5 is a reader submitted cover. Brian Bull was a fan of our Archie meets Punisher cover and sent in a WTF Archie cover from his own collection! No one tell Michelle because this installment only gets crazier from here.

4. Rampaging Atomic Bomb Holding Dino? Call Red Tornado.

HOLY S*** THAT DINOSAURS GOT A BOMB! Wow…actually that T-Rex has some of the biggest biceps of any Jurrasic era beast I’ve seen. Is it really the best idea to send Red Tornado in on this one? Not that I’m hating or anything, I just don’t think high winds are the best way to handle something that will according to Batman cause the Earth to have “No Future”. Also where the hell is the rest of the Justice League? Appparently man made walls were a commodity back in the B.C.

3. Thor Sends A Message to Batman and Robin

Did…Did he mean to do that?! Did the hammer slip or something? Cuz last I checked mama Wayne didn’t raise no b****. I mean he couldn’t even whiz it past his face?! Good job Thor, you really showed him. Now Batman is going to go back to his lavish estate while some underpaid city maintenance man has to clean up your bull s*** scare tactic. Douche.


Clearly this is before Dave Letterman hit his peak. What was Captain America and Iron Man on Leno? Why’s he interviewing the reject lineup? The rise to the top is tough, although the famous Hoosier doesn’t seem shamed. In fact, if it wasn’t for his actions (and giant objects) in this issue, it would’ve spelled the end for The Avengers! Hit it Paul…


Of course where would America be as a nation if George Washington hadn’t been given a glass of that sweet sweet Kool-aid to keep him more jacked up than Clint Howard’s face? It’s no secret that Kool-Aid man was there at the signing of our independence, Gettysburg, and many other hot spots in our nations history. Hell it’s a wonder his face isn’t on Mt. Rushmore.



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