Raiding The Lost Ark Preview

If you are a Indiana Jones fan like I am, you will enjoy this movie. Raiding The Lost Ark is a documentary based on, you guessed it, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raiders was developed by Jamie Benning who has also created a couple of other awesome “filmumentaries” (as he likes to call them) for the Star Wars trilogy. He’s now focused on bringing us some more great material and information for the Indiana Jones films. The first of which is called Raiding the Lost Ark.

Raiding follows the same format that Jamie basically invented, with hours worth of interviews and behind the scenes footage condensed and re-edited into the main flow of the film to produce a visual commentary of the movie-making process. Jamie has also added graphical reconstructions of deleted scenes, subtitled facts (many taken from The Complete Making of Indiana Jones), and scans from the production diaries, offering an unprecedented insight into the first and best Indiana Jones film.

The real coup with Raiding, though, comes from the fact that Raiders director Steven Spielberg has yet to release an official commentary track on any of his films, so this really is the next best thing, with many clips from interviews from the last thirty odd years giving a great insight into the way he thinks and how certain, memorable, shots came about. An early gem of background info comes from actor Alfred Molina, who played Indy’s guide at the beginning of the film, as he recounts his experiences with all those tarantulas! Makes me shudder just thinking about it. And I love the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ way Jamie has inserted the title of his film right in with the real title. I’d heard that Tom Selleck was considered for Indy, but it’s a real treat to see a bit of his screen test, playing opposite Sean Young as Marion.

Here is a 17 minute preview of the filmumentary. What do you think??


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